Milestone magic

Today marks day 50 alcohol free. It’s been a really great time for me. During this period I’ve had lots of time to reflect on what kind of person I’ve been over the years. Let me tell you it’s been a big wake up call !

I have realized that I haven’t been the best . I’ve enabled lots of partying and created lots of drama as well. I’ve surrounded myself around toxic people and environments that I no longer want to be a part of . During this time I’ve also had a big shift in my health. I’ve given up, gluten, dairy and eggs… started off for medical reasons that then prolonged because I can’t deny how my body feels without it, even if the doctor says My daughter no longer needs to eat this way. We are all much healthier with this removal .

I’ve lost over 6lbs eating this way in just over 2 weeks. What a game changer !! I’m so proud of myself for doing all this and proud to be who I am at this moment in time. Life is so much better AF !

Cheers to life and love and health,

Nicole xo

Me enjoying my lovely hot tub drinking water 🙂

Sunday funday , done properly!

Yesterday was a great day. Not only was it Sunday and sunny but it was also the first Sunday so far that we went and hung out at a friends lake

Lot and went boating all day since I became sober . Normally we would have had alcohol bevies and started my Monday off foggy. I’ve been putting off hanging out with friends and joining in on outings with them because they are drinking and I am sober now. Yesterday I was up for the challenge of joining in on the invite . It was a total success. It was a great afternoon and I woke up this morning guilt free. I didn’t need or crave alcohol one bit and I didn’t feel pressured at all either . Our kids had blast and so did we . Our friends were drinking but me and my husband were not and they were very respectful!

I’m looking forward to more alcohol free times with friends and family !

On my one year no beer group challenge I read that you don’t always have to be out and about at gatherings for the long haul, when it starts to get not as fun …. leave! Well we ate dinner and said our goodbyes …. leaving them to their shenanigans and headed home

Feeling like we had the ultimate time .

I’m loving myself more and more everyday and loving my husband more and more everyday as well.

Life feels good at the moment and that’s all that matters 🙂

So good morning life !!

Have a wonderful Monday/week everyone .


Rainey days are for people

Who love soup!

That’s what I tell myself anyways . Yesterday’s post I was about to start making my homemade won ton broth for my soup. Even though I didn’t make the won tons, the broth being homemade is what makes it so spectacular!

Here’s what I do:

First off it’s pretty hard to get a really good bone broth without pressure cooking the bones your using . I have an instant pot and it gets lots of use .

I slow cooked a chicken in it the night before and kept the bones for the broth.

I used the juices and the chicken bones and put them in the cooker with salt and 4 more cups of water and pressure cooked for 90 mins, and then strained the bones out.

I then added lime leaf, bay leaves, 2 sticks of cinnamon, 4 cloves of garlic grated , salt, one whole white onion cut in half, chunk of ginger and a few star anise and basil !

Pressured cooked it for another 90 mins to get the most out of-the flavour.

This will create a pretty concentrated broth. I add about 3-4 cups of broth to 3-4 cups of plain water to a pot after to make it a nice lighter broth and add my frozen won tons to it as it boils for cooking .

Add as many won tons as you want. The pic below is the kind I like from Costco. They are my fav!

Add chopped basil and green onion to finish and serve with hot sauce and hoisin Sauce on the side for people who would like to jazz theirs up!

Super easy and healthy and great for your joints and gut health!

Both broth contains lots of collagen for lubing up your joints and is also for hair skin and nail health!

Eat it frequently!

Hope you try it and enjoy!


Chapter 2 : a new me is born!

Good morning my fellow bloggers !

Hope you all are having a good week. I sure am. Yesterday was 2 weeks sober for me. It’s been great. Better mood and diet , getting lots done around the house and waking up feeling rested and energized.

Life is good right now. The past few days I’ve been working outside decorating my new hot tub area and making it very cozy and pretty. It’s my fav thing to do now after work that doesn’t involve drinking anything other then ice water haha!

I find that when I’m outside in it, my kids are away from the t.v more as well ,and play out side . So win win!

This new me is very exciting . I’ve broken it to many of my friends now that I am living sober and they seem supportive . To be honest I think my husband and I becoming sober is paving the way for many of my friends . I think we are leading by example. I hope so anyways !

Anyways off I go to start my day . I am making homemade won ton soup today 🙂 mmm!

One of my favs !

Chow !

A new day. A new me. A new mom!

So I started this blog a few years back. I wrote 2 blogs to never do it again… until this morning.

Why the sudden change ?

Well I am now alcohol free for 10 days . That might not seem like a big deal to some people but it is for me.

As you know I am a mother of 2 kids . My son is now 6 and my daughter is now 9 . They are the most beautiful creatures on this planet! They are my world ! Always have been and always will be. I am a wife and have been with my husband Lauren who is 36 for 14 years . I am 33 years old ! So you can say it’s been a hell of a ride.

So what brought me here today?

Well my family life has been crumbling beneath me . My marriage has been in one of it’s lowest times and my kids, I can tell are feeling it and the stress. I’ve had countless drama nights fuelled by alcohol and it’s really starting to take a toll on my family life . I am not a bad mother by any means , but let’s just say I am very disappointing and make bad decisions way to frequently! This goes for my husband as well. Him more than I, and that’s what’s fuelling our outbreaks . The kids are watching us drink and fight , or drink and see us lose our inhibitions and become people we don’t like and in the morning are humiliated to have become.

We’ve had some harsh realities take place recently about if we are fit enough parents, and the fact that that has been said and we are been watched is the scariest part, and the scariest shit right now! How have I let my family become this way? How have I continued to be the party girl for so long ? Why have I not understood the harsh realities of it all until now? Why did I enable it for so long ? Why is it not fun anymore? Why am I still doing it ?

Anyone that knows me knows how much my children mean to me and how loved they are. They have not been neglected by any means, but in a way I can say they definitely have been disappointed. And nervous !

Why does mom and dad say certain things when they drink . Then don’t when their sober ?! I get that.

Anyways ! Long storey short, I made a big change for us all. I joined a fb group called ” one year no beer challenge “. It’s an alcohol free group that you join that keeps you motivated and on track. It’s been wonderful! I am now on day 10 and feeling great . I’ve had more energy and more laughter and happiness . I’ve spent way more time with my kids clear headed . I haven’t disappointed them in 10 days and that feels amazing ! The group I joined is so wonderful . There’s others like me all over the world , changing ! Growing! Being more creative.

One of my daily tasks I have to do is find a creative outlet again to keep me busy and blogging came to mind!! “Hey I have my old blog I haven’t written in, in years!!! I’ll do that and blog my journey!!”

So here I am !

I’m alive , feeling charged and ready! Ready to build my family up Strong and build a new Nicole (me) up stronger then ever before !

I hope you will enjoy my posts and enjoy reading about my journey into sobriety!

And I hope if your reading this and you are struggling with drinking or drugs , that maybe I can help you too!

Much love ,


Dirty feet , uneaten meals & bubble baths 

I started my day in a pretty calm state. It was short but overall enjoyable . It ended as I put the keys in the ignition and drove out the driveway, following busy highway 16 on the way to work. I scanned the farmers fields and ditches for any movement of wildlife. I live in a very rural community about 6km out of town and we often have lots of wild life around the highways. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to see some pass me by or pass through my property.  

Today not so lucky….. just the usual jogger that I often see running to town…… this time he was stopped on the highway , starring up in the sky yelling at something or someone. I couldn’t help but wonder what he might be saying. Fast forward to my later day- it’s time to pick up the kids from grandma’s house . They had been there for a visit while I was at work and my husband Lauren got some household chores done. They often go there to help us out with our schedules. 

 The kids are happy to see me, wish I could say the same . I’m tired, been a long day on my feet and now I have little dirty people pulling at me, and hungry. My kids if you met them, you would understand why they are dirty and hungry….. THEY NEVER STOP!! Seriously . Little energizer bunnys. My mother inlaw usually keeps them quit busy outside playing and helping out around the yard. They always have a job and they enjoy helping her out. 

Fast forward- dinner time. With the weather being 27 degrees out, of course naturally I don’t want to eat a hot meal , so we decided to have grilled Caesar wraps . Using our beautiful delicious garden lettuce and herbs.  I made my usual homemade Caesar dressing up and off we went to the assembly line.

I handed my sons to him and of course he had to pee because the 37 mins before that we were home wasn’t enough time for him to get it done…… ugh… drives me nuts. What is up with kids…. why the F&$@ do they wait for right before to say ” mom I have to go to the bathroom”….. ” seriously? you little shit head Now?…. ” 

…..time for me to eat now…ahh …. smells delicious…..

Oh what’s that ?…. my dog nahla eating Theo’s (my son) delicious, grilled homemade wrap with extra bacon?!! You’ve got to be kidding me !!! All because he had to F’n pee instead of sit down and eat like the rest of us……There goes my wrap , he gets it and I’m back in the kitchen making myself another. Oh well at least there was enough for more. 

In the end the kids got their bath, played hard in it for an hour. I got to sit and write this therapeutic letter, the dog got fed early and the kids smell good!!! Time for snuggles I think. Fingers crossed they tire out soon.

Goodnight from one tired mom!

“Guilty? Maybe. Who says?” – nahla the golden retrievers 

My first blog post 

Hello there,

This is my very first blog post and I can’t help but feel extatic to finally be able to put my words on paper and tell the tale of my life . “The voyage of me”, will simply be about “me” a mother and wife and all my daily struggles, wonders, and accomplishments I’m going through. There will me many highs and lows and a lot of cooking! There will be a lot of unknowns as I figure out the game of life.

So as I sit here on this lovey sunny morning , sipping my coffee and eating my oatmeal….. staring at my computer screen …. with my last few minutes I have before heading to my fast paced job at the restaurant . I SMILE! Inside and out- this is finally happening . I hope you enjoy my blogs and that each every one of you will get something out of it, something that moves you or something that you can relate too or simply just slip away into another persons reality for awhile- and be left with a smile! That’s my goal.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a great weekend !! 

TGIF ! My morning view: