Rainey days are for people

Who love soup!

That’s what I tell myself anyways . Yesterday’s post I was about to start making my homemade won ton broth for my soup. Even though I didn’t make the won tons, the broth being homemade is what makes it so spectacular!

Here’s what I do:

First off it’s pretty hard to get a really good bone broth without pressure cooking the bones your using . I have an instant pot and it gets lots of use .

I slow cooked a chicken in it the night before and kept the bones for the broth.

I used the juices and the chicken bones and put them in the cooker with salt and 4 more cups of water and pressure cooked for 90 mins, and then strained the bones out.

I then added lime leaf, bay leaves, 2 sticks of cinnamon, 4 cloves of garlic grated , salt, one whole white onion cut in half, chunk of ginger and a few star anise and basil !

Pressured cooked it for another 90 mins to get the most out of-the flavour.

This will create a pretty concentrated broth. I add about 3-4 cups of broth to 3-4 cups of plain water to a pot after to make it a nice lighter broth and add my frozen won tons to it as it boils for cooking .

Add as many won tons as you want. The pic below is the kind I like from Costco. They are my fav!

Add chopped basil and green onion to finish and serve with hot sauce and hoisin Sauce on the side for people who would like to jazz theirs up!

Super easy and healthy and great for your joints and gut health!

Both broth contains lots of collagen for lubing up your joints and is also for hair skin and nail health!

Eat it frequently!

Hope you try it and enjoy!


Author: thevoyageofme

A loving wife and mother of 2 beautiful children. Who is spiritual and has a passion for food, and struggles to find her place in life !

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