Chapter 2 : a new me is born!

Good morning my fellow bloggers !

Hope you all are having a good week. I sure am. Yesterday was 2 weeks sober for me. It’s been great. Better mood and diet , getting lots done around the house and waking up feeling rested and energized.

Life is good right now. The past few days I’ve been working outside decorating my new hot tub area and making it very cozy and pretty. It’s my fav thing to do now after work that doesn’t involve drinking anything other then ice water haha!

I find that when I’m outside in it, my kids are away from the t.v more as well ,and play out side . So win win!

This new me is very exciting . I’ve broken it to many of my friends now that I am living sober and they seem supportive . To be honest I think my husband and I becoming sober is paving the way for many of my friends . I think we are leading by example. I hope so anyways !

Anyways off I go to start my day . I am making homemade won ton soup today 🙂 mmm!

One of my favs !

Chow !

Author: thevoyageofme

A loving wife and mother of 2 beautiful children. Who is spiritual and has a passion for food, and struggles to find her place in life !

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