Dirty feet , uneaten meals & bubble baths 

I started my day in a pretty calm state. It was short but overall enjoyable . It ended as I put the keys in the ignition and drove out the driveway, following busy highway 16 on the way to work. I scanned the farmers fields and ditches for any movement of wildlife. I live in a very rural community about 6km out of town and we often have lots of wild life around the highways. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to see some pass me by or pass through my property.  

Today not so lucky….. just the usual jogger that I often see running to town…… this time he was stopped on the highway , starring up in the sky yelling at something or someone. I couldn’t help but wonder what he might be saying. Fast forward to my later day- it’s time to pick up the kids from grandma’s house . They had been there for a visit while I was at work and my husband Lauren got some household chores done. They often go there to help us out with our schedules. 

 The kids are happy to see me, wish I could say the same . I’m tired, been a long day on my feet and now I have little dirty people pulling at me, and hungry. My kids if you met them, you would understand why they are dirty and hungry….. THEY NEVER STOP!! Seriously . Little energizer bunnys. My mother inlaw usually keeps them quit busy outside playing and helping out around the yard. They always have a job and they enjoy helping her out. 

Fast forward- dinner time. With the weather being 27 degrees out, of course naturally I don’t want to eat a hot meal , so we decided to have grilled Caesar wraps . Using our beautiful delicious garden lettuce and herbs.  I made my usual homemade Caesar dressing up and off we went to the assembly line.

I handed my sons to him and of course he had to pee because the 37 mins before that we were home wasn’t enough time for him to get it done…… ugh… drives me nuts. What is up with kids…. why the F&$@ do they wait for right before to say ” mom I have to go to the bathroom”….. ” seriously? you little shit head Now?…. ” 

…..time for me to eat now…ahh …. smells delicious…..

Oh what’s that ?…. my dog nahla eating Theo’s (my son) delicious, grilled homemade wrap with extra bacon?!! You’ve got to be kidding me !!! All because he had to F’n pee instead of sit down and eat like the rest of us……There goes my wrap , he gets it and I’m back in the kitchen making myself another. Oh well at least there was enough for more. 

In the end the kids got their bath, played hard in it for an hour. I got to sit and write this therapeutic letter, the dog got fed early and the kids smell good!!! Time for snuggles I think. Fingers crossed they tire out soon.

Goodnight from one tired mom!

“Guilty? Maybe. Who says?” – nahla the golden retrievers 

Author: thevoyageofme

A loving wife and mother of 2 beautiful children. Who is spiritual and has a passion for food, and struggles to find her place in life !

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